Contracting work involving Injection Moulding


Being a rather small company, Smisdom Plastics N.V. is able to use all of its energy for the purpose of realising any of the projects that we start on, and at that, we are always willing to go all the way.

The manufacturing of products is a combination of possibilities and craftsmanship. For that purpose, we always assess the achievability of a project. Obtaining the right machine for the right product is merely one aspect of a whole production process.
Our modern machinery, and our flexibility and experience, as well as the spacious and modern building where we currently work, all provide us with the tools to realise almost any project.

Upon request by a customer, it is possible to develop a product through its initial stage, and then, afterwards, have it manufactured by way of an injection moulding process. It is also possible to realise products based upon an existing drawing or a model.
Based on experience, then, potential alternatives are indicated to the customer and assessed together with him, taking into account the original concept.