Smisdom Plastics is a family business, founded in 1992, specialised in the development, manufacturing and injection moulding of plastic parts and artifacts for various purposes.

The production focusses partially on producing parts for third party customers. Upon request by a customer, a certain product can be developed through its initial stage, in order to then be manufactured afterwards by way of an injection moulding process. Also, certain products are concretised based upon existing drawings or models. In accordance to experience, potential alternatives are indicated to the customer and assessed together with him, taking into account the original concept.
Smisdom Plastics manufactures plastic parts and artifacts for diverse sectors, among which automotive, electronics, mechanical parts, construction and building, etc…

The core business of Smisdom Plastics, however, is the development and injection moulding of its proper product ranges. Our company specialises in leisure products. More concretely fishing sport, pigeon sport and rings for the marking of various birds.

Right from the start, we have been focussing on investing in innovative and original products.
Starting at the design stage of a certain product, Smisdom Plastics keeps the end user(s) of the product in question in mind. Every such product is the result of a cooperation with those customers. At that, functionality and good quality are always of great importance.
Each newly developed product must express originality and character, which can be appreciated by the customers.
In other words, our products should be capable of bringing an added-value and are to be at the top of their market segment.

Distribution of our products occurs by wholesale and through distributors, all over the world.
If you are interested in joining our team of distributors, please contact us.